Gorgeous medieval city builder Manor Lords is looking for testers

Manor Lords’ developer is looking for testers to make this gorgeous medieval city builder the best it can be. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Manor Lords, it’s a rather nifty-looking medieval strategy game that blends intricate and realistic city building with huge tactical battles that take place in real-time. The game is still in development, and its creator Slavic Magic is currently seeking individuals to help bring it to life. According to an announcement on Steam (opens in new tab), the studio is looking for people who “would like to help with the development, test the game, give feedback and participate in discussions.”

Only those who “have a lot of free time and are passionate about the project” are encouraged to apply, and the developer discourages anyone who just wants to play the game early from joining to avoid being “frustrated because of the unfinished state”. All the details on how to join the Manor Lords closed alpha can be found here (opens in new tab). A release date for this ambitious title is still unconfirmed, but Slavic Magic has said that all the major reworks are complete, so hopefully, we won’t have to wait too much longer.  

As well as news of tester application openings, the developer has given a rundown of the changes to the game since its launch was delayed over a year and a half ago. Judging by the level of detail in the images from 2020 compared to how the game looks now, the developer certainly hasn’t squandered the time. Among the most notable changes is a revamping of the residential plot system, larger regions, a freely movable camera, and more detailed character models. Additionally, many of the game’s mechanics have been fleshed out, including recruitment, combat, and trade. 

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