This RTX 3080 Ti GPU deal sees the Gigabyte Vision OC at only $1,299.99

Best Buy’s RTX 3080 Ti deals mean that you can pick up some of the best graphics cards for gaming at an incredibly competitive rate today. 

Right now, you can get your hands on the Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti Vision OC for just $1,299.99 (was $1,600) (opens in new tab) for a massive saving of $300. This RTX 3080 Ti deal is significant because it sees the Gigabyte’s Vision OC model as close to MSRP as we’ve ever seen it before. The only previous price drop we’ve observed on this particular video card happened last month, with a $10 dollar saving taking the total down to $1,589.99, so you’re saving an additional $290. 

RTX 3080 Ti stock very rarely comes anywhere near this figure, even factoring in that the graphics card shortage could be coming to an end. We haven’t seen a figure like this on RTX 3080 Ti partner cards since the GPU launched back in June 2021, so there’s never been a better time to invest in high-end 4K gaming than right now. 

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Today’s best RTX 3080 Ti GPU deal

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Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti Vision OC | $1,600 $1,299.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Save $300 –
This is an incredible price on the Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti Vision OC, taking it down to touching distance of the respective MSRP. We rarely see RTX 3080 Ti selling at this rate, especially from such an established brand model, so today’s the ideal time to invest in Ampere if you’ve held out until now. 

UK price – £1,299.99 (was £1,670) from Ebuyer (opens in new tab)

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The RTX 3080 Ti features 12GB GDDR6X memory, 10,240 CUDA cores, and a 384-bit memory bus for accelerated 4K gaming prowess at rates far cheaper than that of RTX 3090 stock. Considering that there are few titles pushing up into the 10GB+ VRAM range, this GPU should be futureproofed for several years to come at the very least. 

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