GTA 5 Peyote Plant locations to find every cactus

GTA 5 peyote plants are odd little flora that you can find hidden around Los Santos and Blaine County, which unleash a strange psychedelic effect when consumed to temporarily convert you into an animal form. Although there are a total of 27 cacti distributed around the map, their small size and appearance help them to blend into the background, so you’re not likely to even notice them unless you’re specifically searching one of their locales. That’s where this guide comes in, as we’ve got exact pointers for all of the GTA 5 peyote plants locations so you can track them down and begin a trip.

Eating a GTA 5 peyote plant will cause immediate hallucinations, effectively turning you into a some sort of animal and letting you run around to cause trouble in your new body. It could be almost anything you see in GTA 5 – a bird, cat, dog, or even some sort of sea creature. You won’t get a choice initially, but the plant will make noises that should give you a clue. It’s worth knowing, before you set out, that each GTA 5 peyote plant is a one shot deal until you’ve collected them all, so you can’t go back to an area a second time until you’ve got them all – it might worth making a backup of your save before eating one if you want to relive the fun in that area again anytime soon.

A separate set of GTA Online peyote plants also appear from time to time in the online world, so if you’re looking for those then check out our separate guide.

Do you want more? Then why not check out the video below to see how to play as an animal in GTA 5 in action:

1: Mount Chiliad

From the cable car stop at the top of Mount Chiliad, head southeast over the path and look next to the pair of small red flags.

2: Chamberlain Hills/La Puerta

Find the baseball ground on the Chamberlain Hills/La Puerta border, then look between the trees behind the batting cage.

3: Raton Canyon

You’ll need a helicopter to reach the top of this rocky outcrop in Raton Canyon, before grabbing the peyote sat in the middle.

4: Mount Gordo

Follow the path through Mount Gordo, then look at the base of a tree by the lake.

5: Los Santos International Airport

Behind Los Santos Customs, look next to the forklift and wrecked bus.

6: Pacific Ocean

At the far end of Del Perro Pier, line yourself up with the concrete pillar left of centre as you look out to sea then dive down to the base to find this underwater peyote.

7: Tongva Hills

At Two Hoots Falls, look on the rocks to the south of the stream below the waterfall.

8: Raton Canyon

Follow the path up to the viewing platform at the top of Raton Canyon, then look on the ground just to the right.

9: Paleto Bay

In the park in north Paleto Bay, find a bench on top of a raised mound and look at the opposite end to the bin.

10: Vinewood Hills

North of these Vinewood Hills houses, look to the side of this drain entrance.

11: Pacific Ocean

Off the coast to the east of N.O.O.S.E headquarters, swim or sail to the most southeastern small island and grab this peyote.

12: Pacific Ocean

In the Pacific Ocean, west of the Great Ocean Highway bridge near a sunken boat. This one is pretty tricky to track down, so grabbing the submarine from the Sonar Collections Dock then exiting and using the scuba gear can help when scouring the sea bed.

13: Alamo Sea

In the Alamo Sea, to the northwest near a rounded outcrop of land.

14: El Burro Heights

South of the El Burro Heights scrapyard, just to the west of the car park across the road.

15: Vinewood Hills

Next to some bushes in Vinewood Hills, near the approach road leading to the Galileo Observatory.

16: Ron Alternatives Wind Farm

Within the trailer park near the wind farm.

17: Grand Senora Desert

On the side of a hill, southeast of the Redwood Lights Track.

18: Vinewood Hills

In the Vinewood Hills by a large rock, near a Park Ranger station.

19: West Vinewood

Use a helicopter to reach the rooftop balcony of the Gentry Manor Hotel, then check the plant pot on the side nearest the road.

20: San Andreas/Magellan Ave

Use a helicopter to reach the rooftop of the Venetian Hotel, then check the plant pot on a small patch of grass to the side.

21: Pacific Ocean

This peyote plant is deep in the ocean east of Humane Labs and Research, so it’s best to search for it with the scuba gear from a submarine – if you’ve completed the GTA 5 Wildlife Photography Challenge then there’s one just up the coast to the north. Swim down and look just behind the wreckage of a large truck.

22: Pacific Ocean

Off the coast west of Paleto Bay, swim down near a large group of sponges and a stone archway.

23: Los Santos International Airport

Another underwater one, found in the inlet to the east of the airport.

24: Mirror Park

Check the plant pot on the rear porch of the house in this new development.

25: Mount Chiliad

You may find it easier to grab a helicopter and scout out this location high in the hills surrounding Mount Chiliad.

26: Grand Senora Desert

In the desert west of Trevor’s airstrip, near the oil derricks.

27: Fort Zancudo

In a valley running down the hill to the north of Fort Zancudo.

Congratulations – you’ve now found every GTA 5 peyote plant collectible!

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