Where to find GTA Online UFOs during the Halloween event

GTA Online UFOs have started appearing to believers in the night sky over Los Santos and Blaine County as part of the Halloween event, once again igniting speculation as to their purpose and place in the world of Grand Theft Auto. Let’s be honest, GTA players love a good alien conspiracy theory, so it isn’t a surprise to see these extraterrestrial crafts making an appearance in GTA Online. Naturally, if you’re here then that means you want to make a sighting of your own, so let us lead you to all of the GTA Online UFOs locations and explain what’s going on with them.

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Where to find GTA Online UFOs

GTA Online UFOs locations

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

GTA Online UFOs spawn at a set location, which changes each real life day. We’ve marked their upcoming appearances on the map above, which are as follows:

  1. Friday October 22 – Fort Zancudo
  2. Saturday October 23 – Grand Senora Desert
  3. Sunday October 24 – Grand Senora Desert
  4. Monday October 25 – Great Chaparrel
  5. Tuesday October 26 – Palmer-Taylor Power Station

GTA Online UFOs normally arrive in the sky between 10pm and 3am on the in-game clock, and they can appear multiple times during a calendar day. You don’t need to be playing in any particular type of game session to find them, so just wait for night to fall then head to the marked GTA Online UFOs location and look for the lights hanging in the sky above.

What do GTA Online UFOs do

GTA Online UFOs locations

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

At the moment it doesn’t look like GTA Online UFOs actually do much, other than hover in the sky looking ominous. If you get too close to them then their tractor beam flickers briefly, before they disappear in a bright flash of light – if you’re driving a vehicle or piloting an aircraft then the engine will momentarily cut out, though don’t worry about dropping out of the sky completely as it’ll start up again after a few seconds of inactivity.

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