Halloween Kills final trailer brings back more survivors from 1978

The Halloween Kills final trailer is your last look at the next entry in the new Halloween trilogy before the film proper stalks into theaters on October 15.

The new trailer gives relatively little screen time to the Strode family, instead using its 2:20 runtime to turn the focus to the people of Haddonfield. The Illinois suburb was shaped by the events of Michael Myers’ 1978 killing spree just like Laurie Strode was, and we zoom in on several other survivors of that night – including Laurie’s former babysitting charge Lindsey Wallace, who turns out to be the woman checking on those kids at the playground in the start of the trailer.

Halloween Kills picks up right after the first movie left off, with Michael Myers’ trapped in Laurie’s burning basement and the surviving members of the Strode family fleeing the scene. Of course, if you’ve seen the previous trailer, you know he doesn’t stay down there for long, thanks to a speedy intervention from some firefighters who truly do not know what they are getting themselves into.

With Halloween Ends coming to say goodbye to Laurie and Michael in 2022, Halloween Kills is in the difficult situation of being the middle chapter of a horror trilogy; who can be put in peril to keep the horror coming without letting the wheels fall off the story too early? Check out our Halloween Kills review to see how we thought it lived up to its middle child obligations.

The original Halloween ranks highly in our list of the best horror movies – hopefully Halloween Kills lives up to its deadly predecessor. 

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