Hawkeye director hints we’ll find out about Echo’s uncle sooner than later

One half of Hawkeye directing duo Bert and Bertie has addressed the uncle-shaped elephant in the room in Marvel’s latest Disney Plus series.

On the moment which set the internet ablaze – that of Echo’s “uncle” showing up in a flashback with a chuckle and demeanour that strongly suggested Vincent D’Onofrio was back as Kingpin – Bert told ComicBook.com (opens in new tab) that answers are coming.

“[The filmmakers at] Marvel are experts are teasing things in their shows, but they never leave you hanging… for too long,” Bert said. Neither Bert or Bertie would officially confirm the return, however.

With only two episodes left, there’s a rapidly shrinking amount of real estate with which to work.

Hawkeye episode 4 already re-introduced one familiar face, while setting up a Rolex mystery that has fans theorizing before next week’s episode drops. If Kingpin does return (and D’Onofrio’s previous social media activity certainly suggests that’s the case), then it remains to be seen whether he’ll be a major player or just popping in for a quick cameo.

Whether the King returns to his underworld throne or not, it’s looking more likely than ever that his nemesis from his Netflix days – Charlie Cox’s Daredevil – will be headed to the MCU.

Kevin Feige recently said that, if The Man Without Fear were introduced, he would be played by Cox, who starred as the blind superhero for three seasons of Daredevil on Netflix.

For more on what Marvel is cooking up on Disney Plus, including an overview of 2022’s small screen adventures, check out our guide to new Marvel TV shows.

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