Is Kingpin dead in Hawkeye? Marvel fans have a theory on how hell return

One shocking moment from the Hawkeye finale has everyone talking – and Marvel fans have already pinpointed a moment from the comics that neatly sets up where the story could go next.

Spoilers for the Hawkeye ending follow.


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So, Kingpin is dead. Or is he? Vincent D’Onofrio’s returning crime boss was gunned down by her ‘niece’ Maya (Alaqua Cox) – but the ‘death’ occurred off-screen. We know that Maya is back in the upcoming Echo spinoff on Disney Plus, and Kingpin could be joining her.

How? As many have already pointed out on social media, the Hawkeye finale has some striking similarities to 1990s Daredevil comic arc “Parts of a Hole”.

Not only is that where Maya makes her debut – like in Hawkeye – but she also shoots Kingpin after finding out about his involvement in her father’s death.

The end result there, though, is that Wilson Fisk is temporarily blinded, not killed. As a way to de-escalate Kingpin’s power threat (and mirror his nemesis Daredevil) it would be a captivating twist moving forward. His last words were “eye to eye”, too, in case you needed more convincing.

Kingpin is still alive, In the comics when he gets shot by Maya, he is alive but becomes blind.#Hawkeye #HawkeyeSeries #ClintBarton #KateBishop #HawkeyeRonin #Ronin #MayaLopez #WilsonFisk #Kingpin #HawkeyeFinale 22, 2021

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“Relax, Kingpin is alive” said one viewer (opens in new tab), while another added that (opens in new tab) “I can 100% guarantee he’s alive, probably missing an eye. Rule of television: if you don’t see a dead body they’re not dead. Kingpin is extremely durable.”

Kingpin’s fate wasn’t the only surprise in the Hawkeye finale. Here’s how Laura’s watch tipped off viewers to her secret past with Clint.

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