Here’s why everyone is talking about Overdose, Hideo Kojima’s rumoured next game

Anyone who has thrown even a cursory glance at social media over the past day has probably seen mention of Overdose, a rumoured new horror game from Hideo Kojima. 

Tongues have been sent wagging since leaker Tom Henderson reported (opens in new tab) the game’s existence, coinciding with a tweet (opens in new tab) from a new entrant into the leaking game. Apparently, early footage seen by Henderson involves the actress who played Death Stranding’s Mama – Margaret Qualley – walking through dark corridors with a flashlight – all from the third-person perspective, though it’s been suggested that the first-person view is possible, too. The footage ends with a jump scare before the words “gameover”, “A Hideo Kojima Game”, and “Overdose” are plastered across the screen. Since the article’s publication, Henderson has allegedly been asked to take it down by Kojima Productions, though the request has been refused at the time of writing. 

Hideo Kojima could very well be working on a new horror game – he’s certainly tweeted about it enough since Death Stranding released. Does that mean that Overdose is definitely being revealed at Summer Game Fest? Not yet. Kojima has previously revealed that one major post-Death Stranding project fell apart, and it looks like a good bet that he’s working on Death Stranding 2. Alongside that, details about the rumoured new project remain scarce.

本日の小島監督とジェフ・キーリー。Hideo Kojima today with Geoff Keighley. 31, 2022

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We have seen teases about other Kojima projects, though there’s no guarantee it’s related to Overdose. GamesBeat has reported (opens in new tab) on a few occasions (opens in new tab) that Hideo Kojima is in talks with Xbox over the publication of one of his next games. As we say, it looks like Kojima is working on Death Stranding 2, though Sony published the first game, so it’s pretty unlikely that publishing duties will swap to Microsoft for the next one.

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It isn’t clear if we’ll see Overdose ourselves, though we could see something this week – It is non-E3 2022, after all. Hideo Kojima’s personal assistant tweeted a picture of the industry veteran with Summer Game Fest host Geoff Keighley just last week. That said, it could easily be a tease for Death Stranding 2, if something happens. Summer Game Fest is due to kick off tomorrow (June 9), so I guess we’ll have our answer soon.

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