Hidetaka Miyazaki wants to make “more abstract fantasy” as if Elden Ring wasn’t abstract enough

Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki has said he wants to make “more abstract fantasy” in the future, with a lot of the ideas he currently has not fitting in with FromSoftware’s current games line-up. 

In an interview with Japanese outlet 4Gamer (opens in new tab), (and highlighted by Twitter user @Nibellion (opens in new tab)) Miyazaki was asked about his future plans following the success of Elden Ring and responded with the news that he’d like to work on something he refers to as “abstract fantasy.” In the same interview, Miyazaki explained that he has come up with a lot of images and ideas for a future project but they don’t fit in with FromSoftware’s previous titles.

This is just one of the interesting revelations that have come from Miyazaki’s 4Gamer interview. Probably one of the most exciting parts of the interview was when the FromSoftware creative director revealed that the studio has a new game in development and that it’s in its “final stages”. Where Miyazaki found the time after releasing Elden Ring only a few months ago is a mystery, but we’re still super excited to find out more about this upcoming title in the future. 

We also found out some exciting Elden Ring news from this interview when Miyazaki said that Elden Ring will get more updates, even as he moves onto a new game. It isn’t clear what these updates will be, whether it’ll be your run-of-the-mill fixes and minor adjustments or new content. Either way, it’s nice to know that FromSoftware is still dedicated to keeping Elden Ring up to date. 

It seems to be a day of Elden Ring news because shortly before the 4Gamer interview gained traction, FromSoftware itself put out a tweet alerting fans to the fact the studio is hiring for “multiple new projects.” It’s too early to say what these new projects are but we’re excited to see what they turn out to be and whether any of them will be Miyazaki’s “abstract fantasy” game. 

To find out what you can play in the meantime, take a look at our new games 2022 list. 

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