How long is Alan Wake and how many episodes are there?

If you want to know how long Alan Wake is, or how many episodes there are then we can explain. Alan Wake is a decently-sized game split into episodes, rather than chapters, likely owing to its clear TV influences. But how long is it exactly, and how many episodes are there? We’ll answer all the important questions below so you know exactly what kind of nightmare you’re signing up for in Bright Falls. 

How long is Alan Wake?

Alan Wake how long

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For those playing the game normally without too much attention to collectibles or extras, Alan Wake’s main campaign will probably take you between 10 and 15 hours, with variations depending on the difficulty and your own level of skill. The game can be quite challenging at points and while it is linear, the maps are large and explorative. You may even get lost at times in dark shadowy woods, or just struggle to take down some murderous lumberjack or possessed farming equipment. Much of it will depend on your own level of skill or investment.

Alan Wake completionist and collectibles playthroughs

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If you’re looking to complete every aspect of the game, to find all the collectibles, pages, coffee and old TV shows, you might find your playtime doubled from the usual amount. Alan Wake has a lot of collectibles and special achievements, and combined they might bring your final playtime to 25 hours or even more. Players looking to 100% the game should expect to spend a lot more time on it as a result.

How many Alan Wake episodes are there?

Alan Wake how long

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As mentioned, Alan Wake is split into Episodes instead of chapters or levels, though the game doesn’t tell you how many to expect. However, we can tell you that there are 6 Episodes in the main campaign, with some variation in length between them. They’re listed as the following:

  • Episode 1: Nightmare
  • Episode 2: Taken
  • Episode 3: Ransom
  • Episode 4: The Truth
  • Episode 5: The Clicker
  • Episode 6: Departure

How Long is the Alan Wake DLC?

Alan Wake

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For those who play the DLC, there are also two more optional episodes, The Signal and The Writer, which will take about an hour and a half each. They’re not especially meaty, but they could make for a suitable helping of seconds for those who enjoyed Alan Wake and could go for more, or just want further details on his story.

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