How to watch the Nintendo Direct on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 today

If you’re wondering how to watch the Nintendo Direct starring Xenoblade Chronicles 3 later today on June 22, we’ve got you sorted.

First announced earlier this week by Nintendo, there’ll be a brand new Nintendo Direct taking place later today, premiering around the world at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET/3 p.m. BST. You can watch the entire presentation just below which, according to Nintendo’s prior announcement, should be running for roughly 20 minutes in total.

However, unlike recent Nintendo Direct presentations, this showcase will be focusing entirely one on game: Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Nintendo’s big Summer RPG is set to launch in little over a month from now on July 29, so there’s relatively little time to go until the latest entry in the RPG franchise from Monolith Soft is finally here on the Nintendo Switch.

As such, this should be a pretty extensive deep dive into the world and workings of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Previously we’ve been treated to gameplay-focused presentations in past Nintendo Direct showcases, including a reveal about gameplay classes work for each individual character in the upcoming sequel, and this showcase should be no different.

20 minutes is a pretty lengthy presentation for the new Nintendo Switch RPG, all things considered. Considering Nintendo has already revealed the various special editions of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 over the last few months, this showcase could very well revolve entirely around gameplay. Considering Xenoblade Chronicles games have had some incredibly intricate and complicated RPG systems to work with in the past, a deep dive on them wouldn’t be a huge surprise.

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