Lego PS2 set comes with a controller, disc tray, and motherboard

A Lego PS2 set that’s almost the same size as the real console, complete with controller and internal components, could become a reality if it gets enough support.

The Sony PlayStation 2 set was submitted to Lego Ideas (opens in new tab) in November by a community designer named RippleDrive, as spotted by ScreenRant (opens in new tab). Since then it’s gotten support votes from 732 users, which is a decent clip, but still quite a bit short of the 10,000 vote threshold which Lego uses to determine the sets it will review for potential creation. But if you have any love in your heart for Sony’s black monolith of a system – which remains the world’s best-selling game console more than two decades after its debut – you may want to hit that support button yourself.

“Well, it couldn’t be that hard to make a PS2 out of Lego bricks since the thing was basically a brick itself,” you may be thinking. But the extremely accurate exterior – featuring two working ports to plug in the included controller – is just the start. RippleDrive’s Lego PS2 also features a sliding disc tray, and a removable top which reveals a motherboard complete with individually modeled components.

“The PlayStation 2 left a huge impact on the world upon its release,” RippleDrive writes in the description. “Many people around the world still use the PlayStation 2 to play games from time to time. This model would be an excellent way to celebrate the fond memories the PS2 left in the hearts of many.”

If you’re curious about how big of a task building this kit would be, its current iteration comprises 1,914 Lego bricks. Sounds like a nice way to spend a few evenings.

While we’re waiting to see if the Lego PS2 set will become a reality, you can start enjoying the best Lego sets right now.

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