Jack Black shares thoughts on why School of Rock is still so popular 20 years on

Jack Black teamed up with his School of Rock director Richard Linklater once again for the release of their latest film, Apollo 10½.

The reunion got Black thinking about their first collaboration together 20 years ago: School of Rock, which starred the Tenacious D frontman as struggling rocker Dewey Finn who turns to substitute teaching to make ends meet.

“I thought a lot about School of Rock while we were making [Apollo 10½], because that’s a Richard Linklater joint as well, and that’s when we first met,” Black told Entertainment Tonight. “He brought that same kind of realism and humor and genius to both projects.”

“He’s got that specific style, and what he brought to that project was just wanting it to be believable and real,” he continued. “When it’s real relationships, it’s funny in, not a wacky way, but in a way that’s believable. I think that’s what made that movie last so long – we still talk about it 20 years later.”

School of Rock has gone down in history as a cult classic and was the highest-grossing music-themed comedy of all time until Pitch Perfect 2 was released in 2015. Apollo 10½, meanwhile, is a charming animated coming-of-age film loosely based on Linklater’s childhood and has been getting rave reviews.

Apollo 10½ is available to watch on Netflix now. Why not check out our list of the 46 best Netflix movies to watch right now.

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