Jubilife Village is the only settlement in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, but it will evolve

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will only have one town – Jubilife Village – but it’s been revealed that the town’s infrastructure will develop as you progress through the game’s story. 

The reason why there’s only one settlement is that in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the Hisui region has only recently been discovered, which is why you’re there to develop the area’s first Pokedex.

Jubilife Village will act as your base of operations in the game, where you’ll depart from as you aim to gather intel and details about the Pokemon of the Hisui region as part of your job in the Survey Corps. However, the more you progress through the game’s Missions, which will advance the story, the more of the Hisui region you’ll be able to explore and the more you’ll develop the Jubilife Village infrastructure and help it grow.

Jubilife Village will also have locations where you can buy new clothes, change your hairstyle, and trade Pokemon with other players. 

As part of the game you’ll also pick up Requests, alongside Missions, which are smaller tasks you can do to help the people of Jubilife. Some of the ones shown off in the latest Pokemon Legends: Arceus gameplay trailer included researching size variations in Buizel and reminding another villager what a Shinx’s ears look like. 

You’ll also be able to turn in your research to Professor Laventon to rank up in the Survey Corps too, earning yourself units that you can spent on items and other materials that will help on your journey. 

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