Kingdom Hearts 3 Orichalcum+ locations – where to find Orichalcum+ in Kingdom Hearts 3

Finding all the Kingdom Hearts 3 Orichalcum+ locations isn’t so heard when you have a good guide to help out! Finding all seven Orichalcum+ pieces in Kingdom Hearts 3 will help you to synthesise the Ultima weapon, best of all the best Kingdom Hearts 3 keyblades. Before that you’ll have to do some hunting though, so we’ve laid out all the Kingdom Hearts 3 Orichalcum+ locations for you to find below!

1. Twilight Town Postcards

One of the simplest, but perhaps most annoying methods of obtaining one Kingdom Hearts 3 Orichalcum+ is by playing the Moogle lottery. Sometimes when you buy something from the Moogle shop (we think it’s after you spend 200 Munny), you receive a Prize Postcard. These can be posted at the postbox in Twilight Town, right next to the save point in Tram Common.

Every time you put a Prize Postcard in the postbox, you receive an item. This item is random, and there’s a slim chance it can be Orichalcum+. So essentially, you have to keep buying things from the Moogle shop and posting Prize Postcards until the random chance gives you an Orichalcum+. Fun, right?

2. The Caribbean Treasure Chest

Not all Orichalcum+ are hard to obtain. This one is simply inside a chest in The Caribbean world. Head out to the High Seas and travel to Exile Island. In the middle of the island you’ll find a chest containing the precious material.

3. The Final World Treasure Chest

Remember that mysterious location where you met the Chirithy and Sora’s entire surroundings were an infinite sky? If you fast travel to the Keyblade Graveyard – Badlands, then turn around and go back to the initial arena, you can take the pink warp gate back to The Final World. Right in front of you will be another chest with some Orichalcum+.

4. Collect all Frozen Slider Treasures

In Arendelle, Elsa has a very fun mini game for you to try out. Called Frozen Slider, Sora hops on Goofy’s shield with Donald and you slide down the North Mountain, collecting points, grinding rails and zooming through ice caverns. If you want to get 600,000 points make sure you follow our Kingdom Hearts 3 Shield Shredder award (opens in new tab) guide, but for the Orichalcum+ you need to collect the 10 treasures littered throughout the short course. Make sure you’re checking every corner and crevice, because these treasures can be tricky to find. After you find all 10, you’ll receive another Orichalcum+.

5. Collect all 90 lucky emblems

You’ve no doubt stumbled upon a few hidden Mickeys – or lucky emblems, to give them their proper name – during your Kingdom Hearts 3 journey. There are 90 of them in total and once you collect every single one, you’ll obtain another Orichalcum+. Struggling to find them? Fear not, for we have a complete guide to all Kingdom Hearts 3 lucky emblems (opens in new tab) locations.

6. Defeat the Omega Space Ship

Hop in your Gummi Ship, because a space skirmish is the method of obtaining the next Orichalcum+. Go to the Eclipse galaxy (the third and final one) and surrounding the outside of the huge structure that takes up the majority of the environment are five enemies. One on each of the four sides, with a final one for good luck underneath. Defeat all five of these enemies and the lights leading to the top should turn on. This will cause the Omega Space Ship to spawn, which is a huge boss who puts up one hell of a fight. Take it down and you’ll receive the sixth Kingdom Hearts Orichalcum+.

7. Complete all Flantastic Seven missions

As you complete each of the main worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3, there will be a Flan waiting for you somewhere when you return. You need to participate in each of their mini games to earn a trophy, as explained in our Kingdom Hearts 3 Flanmeister award (opens in new tab) guide, but you need to do slightly more than that for the Orichalcum+. Every Flan mini game has a score threshold that you need to beat to earn three of the respective ingredient, and a new ability. Beat this high score for every single one – you’ll know when you’ve done it at the end because the Flan will jump up and down, clapping it’s short arms – and when you’ve done all seven, the final Orichalcum+ will be yours.

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