Kingdom Hearts 4 fans have discovered that Sora now lives in a $1.2 million apartment in Tokyo

A Kingdom Hearts 4 fan thinks they may have figured out where Sora’s apartment in the latest trailer is in real life and it’s worth $1.2 million. 

Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fan @aitaikimochi (opens in new tab) on Twitter believes that they may have found the apartment Sora is staying in in the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer in real life. According to Audrey, it looks like Sora is living in the residential area of Aoyama in Tokyo – A.K.A. one of the most expensive residential areas in Tokyo. 

Taking to Google Maps, Audrey susses out that Sora’s apartment must be located near Shibuya Stream and Aoyama Gakuin park. They also think that it’s located on one of the block’s top floors due to the scene in the trailer where we see Sora and Strelitzia walk out onto the apartment’s balcony. According to Audrey, the block that they believe Sora’s is based on costs 245,000yen a month ($1,954USD) or can be bought outright for $1.2 million. 

I can’t believe Sora lives in fuking Aoyama in Tokyo, which is one of the most expensive residential areas in Tokyo. The building in the distance looks like Shibuya Stream, and I am fairly certain the park you see is Aoyama Gakuin. Also, this is probably his apartment LOL. #KH4 10, 2022

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Considering Sora hasn’t had a stable job since leaving Destiny Islands 20 years ago, we imagine he must have been saving every single piece of Munny he’s collected over the years. Plus, as revealed in the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer, Sora has actually only been staying there for seven days by the time Strelitzia shows up, so technically he will only be required to pay a week’s worth of rent which is at least a little bit more affordable. 

Another recent discovery made by the Kingdom Hearts community since the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 is that a Star Wars world could very well make an appearance in the sequel. Still speculation at this point, but multiple fans have spotted what looks to be the foot of an AS-ST from Star Wars very briefly in the sequel’s reveal trailer. Not only this but it looks like the trailer may even contain footage of a world based on the Star Wars planet Endor, but this is still very much a theory at this early stage. 

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