Kingdom Hearts speedrunner attempts to get 7 platinum trophies in 7 days

A Kingdom Hearts streamer is attempting to platinum all of the games in the series on PS4, and they plan to have it all done in just seven days. 

Streamer and speedrunner ‘desa35 (opens in new tab)’ is the brave volunteer undertaking this challenge, which they began earlier this week. The idea of the challenge is to play all of the main series games that are available on PS4 – this means Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, Re: Chain of Memories, Birth By Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, 0.2, and 3 – and obtain the platinum trophy for each of these games as quickly as possible. 

Tomorrow we’re starting the journey to obtain ALL(!) Kingdom Hearts Trophies on the PS4 as quickly as possible!Had to skip the 12th as I write an exam on that day, but other than that these are the starting and potential end times for each run.Hope to see you tomorrow 😀 6, 2022

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If you didn’t know, each of the games listed above has an average play time of around 20 – 30 hours, and that’s just the main story. So in total, you’re looking at approximately 115 hours to complete all of these. However, desa35 is aiming to get it all done in just under seven days. So far, they’ve managed to get the Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix platinum in just 11 hours (opens in new tab) and Re: Chain of Memories in “less than 20 hours.” (opens in new tab)

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though for this Kingdom Hearts fan though. In fact, just one day into the challenge desa35 accidentally saved over their Re: Chain of Memories save file (opens in new tab) and lost over five hours of progress. So, they did what any logical person would do and completely restarted the challenge again, going back to Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix. While playing KH1 again, they encountered a bug (opens in new tab) during the Deep Jungle section of the game and had to start over… again. 

In other Kingdom Hearts news, Square Enix recently released footage of the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary celebration event that was held in Tokyo in April 2022. During the event, it was revealed by producer Ichiro Hazama that Kingdom Hearts 3 is the best-selling console game in the series. We also got to relive the now-iconic moment when Kingdom Hearts 4 was first revealed to the group of attendees at the event. And yeah, it will probably give you goosebumps all over again. 

Want to give the same speedrunning challenge a go, or just get into the series? Plan the perfect playthrough with our guide to how to play the Kingdom Hearts series in order.

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