Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Lorestones map guide

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Lorestones are seemingly everywhere within the game world, which isn’t surprising when you consider that there’s at least 175 of them in total to gather up. Of course, you could drop a chunk of your hard-earned XP into unlocking the “Detect Hidden” skill to help root them out, but there’s much better uses for your resources when you have a complete map guide such as this at your disposal. The task of finding all the collectibles is somewhat daunting when you consider the size and scope of it, but if you follow our lead then all of the Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Lorestones can be yours, including the Legend of Dead Kel and Teeth of Naros DLCs.

You can find details on the Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Lorestones in the status section of the pause menu. There are five Lorestones in each set, with the exception of the Seasonal Stones (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), which have 10 per set. The Seasonal Stones are spread all across the Faelands’ overworld and dungeons, and they have their own section in this guide, though they are also marked in other sections too so that you can find them during your search for the full set of Lorestones.

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Dalentarth is the part of the Faelands where you begin your quest and includes Allestar Glade, Ettinmere, Odarath, Webwood, Glendara, Lorca-Rane, The Sidhe, Yolvan, and Haxhi. It also contains several sub-areas and dungeons, some of which contain their own Lorestones. Those areas are Summer’s End, Castle Windemere, Castle Yolvan, and Gorguath.

The map above shows all of the Lorestones in the Dalentarth overworld. If some Lorestones are in sub-areas or dungeons, they will be marked appropriately, and you can find their exact locations on the smaller, sub-area maps below.

Dalentarth Sub-Areas

The following maps are for Gorguath, Summer’s End, and Windemere. Castle Yolvan is not included, since the Lorestones there will be displayed on your map regardless of skill during the side quest called “Cutting the Threads.” Also, there are no maps for the two Dalentarth Lorestones found in Caer Nyarlim and the Gardens if Ysa, since their locations are obvious once you are in these uncomplicated areas.


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Gorguath is a cavernous underground area entered via a massive tree trunk. You can find it in Odarath, just southeast of the House of Ballads.

There is a hidden door directly west of the Lorestone seen in the circular room at the north end of the dungeon. Open it and follow the path to get to the Lorestone, which overlooks the circular room.

Summer’s End

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All but one of the Summer’s End stones are in Summer’s End. To gain access, you’ll need to reach the fifth of the House of Ballads Faction Quests, the one called “The Champion.”

Castle Windemere

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To gain access to Castle Windemere, you’ll need to reach the final quest in the House of Ballads questline.

Plains of Erathell

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The Plains of Erathell lie east of Dalentarth and include the following areas: The Cradle of Summer, The Forsaken Plain, The Wolds, Tala-Rane, Galafor, and Kandria.


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Detrye is the desert land that covers the southern portion of the Faelands. It includes the following areas: The Red Marches, Alserund, The Hollowlands, Menetyre, and Apotyre.


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Klurikon is across the water on the eastern side of the Faelands. To reach it, you’ll need to progress the main questline until the opportunity arises. This area includes: Cursewood, The Midden, Drowned Forest, The Keening, and Caeled Coast.


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Alabastra is south of Klurikon, and the home of the Tuatha. It includes the following areas: High Fulgen, Shadow Pass, Twilight Pass, and Amaura.


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Bhaile is first accessed during the “Taking Vengeance” main quest, just before the game’s final battle. The entrance is inside the House of Vengeance.

Seasonal Stones

Stones of Spring

There are 3 Spring Lorestones found in Dalentarth, 5 in the Plains of Erathell, and 2 in Detyre. See maps of those areas for exact locations.

Stones of Summer

There are 3 Summer Lorestones found in Dalentarth, 5 in the Plains of Erathell, and 2 in Detyre. See maps of those areas for exact locations.

Stones of Winter

9 of the 10 Winter Lorestones are spread across Klurikon and Alabastra. See those maps for exact locations. The final Winter Lorestone is in Bhaile. See the Bhaile map in the previous section for the exact location.

Stones of Fall / Autumn

All 10 of the Fall Lorestones are found inside dungeons, as follows:

Agnur Farhal

(2 Lorestones): This dungeon lies just east of Gohart.


(2 Lorestones): This dungeon is at the north end of the west side of the Forsaken Plain.

The Blackened Hall

(1 Lorestone): This dungeon is on the easternmost edge of the Tywili Coast.


(1 Lorestone): This dungeon is in the middle of the Caeled Coast.

Foe’s Hearth 

(1 Lorestone): This dungeon is found along the path between Cursewood and The Midden. You can enter directly, or through the back way via Shattertier Mine in the northern part of Cursewood.


(1 Lorestone): This dungeon is on the western edge of Shadow Pass.


(2 Lorestones): This is the southernmost dungeon in Alabastra.

Legend of Dead Kel DLC

Gallows End is the island on which the Legend of Dead Kel DLC adventures takes place. There are 10 Lorestones total (five “Gallows End” and five “Gravehal”). Four Gravehal Lorestones and one Gallows End Lorestone can be found throughout the overworld. The remaining Lorestones are found in sub-areas (see the sub-areas section below).

Gallows End Sub-Areas

The following maps are for Cliffbreak Fasting, Undersea Fasting, Mudhold Fasting, and Souldeep Fasting. There is one Lorestone in each of these areas.

Cliffbreak Fasting (Gallows End Stone)

This area is available immediately upon arriving at Gallows End.

Undersea Fasting (Gallows End Stone)

This area is available immediately upon arriving at Gallows End.

Mudhold Fasting (Gallows End Stone)

This area is available immediately upon arriving at Gallows End. You’ll need to open one of two hidden doors to reach the Lorestone.

Souldeep Fasting (Gallows End Stone)

You cannot reach this Lorestone until taking on the “Until Death” main quest. Only then can you open the fate doors that stand in your way.

Brigand’s Hideaway (Gravehal Stone)

After completing the main questline, return to Cape Solace and accept the “The Invaders” quest. You’ll then have access to the Brigand’s Hideaway

Teeth of Naros DLC

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There are 10 more Lorestones in this second Kingdoms of Amalur DLC chapter. The five Teeth of Naros Lorestones can be found and immediately accessed on the overworld as soon as you arrive at The Teeth of Naros. The five Nyxaros Lorestones, however, cannot. See the Nyxaros section for details.


Four of the Five Nyxaros Lorestones cannot be reached until the hidden passage of Nyxaros opens up during the “Perpetual Desolations” main quest.

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