Kingsman 3 will conclude the Harry/Eggsy story, says director Matthew Vaughn

Director Matthew Vaughn has teased what’s to come in Kingsman 3 – including the “conclusion of the Harry/Eggsy story.”

Speaking to GamesRadar+ while promoting The King’s Man, he told us, “We’re shooting Kingsman 3 or 4, whatever you want to call it, next year. That’s the conclusion of the Eggsy/Harry story.”

If you thought a World War One thriller in The King’s Man was out of left-field, Vaughn also promises that you haven’t seen anything yet, saying: “We’re going down a road [where] if anyone was surprised by going World War One, they’re going to think I’ve totally lost my mind for what Kingsman 3 is.”

Vaughn, who also directed the first two Kingsman movies, continues, “I was a little bit shackled on [The Golden Circle]. This time I thought, fuck it, I’m going to throw the kitchen sink at it, piss people off and make other people excited,” before once again confirming that “[Harry and Eggsy]’s story will be concluded.”

On the prospect of more Kingsman movies down the line, Vaughn isn’t ruling anything out – just as long as there’s a desire from the audience to see more from the spy franchise.

“I do love the idea of exploring Statesman and the American side of it,” Vaughn says. “But it’s really up to the public. I mean, if they enjoy it, and want another one then we’ll make one. I don’t want to overdo it. But also there has to be stories worth telling. It might happen, it might not. We’ll see.”

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