Kirby and the Forgotten Land gameplay shows off a hot new car for Kirby to eat

A new Kirby and the Forgotten Land gameplay snippet from Nintendo brings out Car-by in full force, showing a better look at how gulping down an automobile will aid Kirby’s quest.

Developer HAL and Nintendo revealed Kirby’s terrifying yet intriguing Mouthful Mode power as part of everything announced at the February 2022 Nintendo Direct. The new feature for Kirby and the Forgotten Land debuted with Kirby partially inhaling a car and using it to drive around, but quickly moved on to other things Kirby could incompletely ingest such as a soda machine or giant traffic cone. Thankfully, the Nintendo UK Twitter account has given us more of what we all want to see: Kirby obeying his need for speed.

Vroom vroom! #Kirby 22, 2022

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The footage mostly shows Kirby driving(?) the rusty blue sedan we saw before, but he’ll also be able to get his massive maw around a speedier red number that shoots gouts of flame from its exhaust pipes as it boosts along. Either way, he’ll have ramps to jump and walls to smash through as Kirby navigates the roads (and other long, flat spaces) of this strange, dilapidated world.

The real question now is whether Kirby has some kind of innate mechanical mastery over the inanimate objects he inhales in Mouthful Mode, or if he’s simply using his tongue to push the pedals and turn the wheels and whatnot. Maybe it’s better not to think too hard about this.

The extended community of pink puffball appreciators wasted no time coming up with a mouthful of Kirby and the Forgotten Land memes.

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