Kirby and The Forgotten Land release date

The Kirby and the Forgotten Land release date has been confirmed.

In a trailer released today (which you can check out below), Nintendo announced that the next Kirby game will release on March 25, 2022. In a press release, the developer also confirmed that the title is now available for pre-order at select retailers and on the Nintendo eShop.

The trailer focuses on Kirby’s exploration of a varied world, taking advantage of various weapons, tools, and their iconic inhalation power to help out. There’s a look at two new powers – the Drill power, which allows Kirby to dig underground, and the Ranger power, which lets them take aim at a distant enemy – all culminating in a showdown with Meta-Knight at the end of the video.

It also offers a closer look at multiplayer, which will allow for two-player co-op, although you’ll be limited to playing on the same system using the Joy-Cons, rather than playing together online. There’s also an explanation of the “online interactivity” noted by the Australian rating board last year, as Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to check out stats about the game drawn from the entire community.

Finally, there’s Waddle Dee Town, a central hub that will develop as you rescue Waddle Dees throughout the game, and a handful of minigames that you can enjoy as you build it up.

Finally, Nintendo notes that 2022 marks Kirby’s 30th anniversary. While you won’t have to wait too long to celebrate in the Forgotten Land, if you want to get the party started early, you can download a special wallpaper right here (opens in new tab).

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