Layers of Fears gets a brand-new trailer at the Future Game Show

We got a brand-new Layers of Fears trailer that is full of mystery and creepy intrigue at the Future Games Show at Gamescom Powered by Mana – and it only made us want to see more. Check out the trailer above, and read on for more details about the highly anticipated game. 

Layers of Fears isn’t a straight-up remaster of the original two games but is more like a re-imagination and expansion (hence the name). It will feature expanded plotlines and gameplay and a few surprises, according to Bloober Team, who is co-developing the game with Anshar Studios.

The trailer, which is a mix of in-engine footage and in-game capture, begins with a voiceover about someone’s first ever memory of pressing the key on a piano. They discuss the initial reaction of pure joy at the sound, then the “surge of power as I realized the piano would do whatever I wanted it to.” The person promises they will “never be one of his paintings” before promising to make the paintings like them: “scarred, broken, hidden from the world, imprisoned in this house.”

The trailer shows the player traversing through this horrifying house filled with horrifying paintings, and for a moment, it feels like they could never escape. But just before the trailer ends, we see a glimpse of a lighthouse, which was a part of Layers of Fear 2. While we know the core games will be there, it’s still unclear how Layers of Fears will present this reimagined revisiting of a classic horror game.

Layers of Fears will release in early 2023 for -simultaneously Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC. 

If you’re looking for more excellent games from today’s Future Games Show, have a look at our official Steam page (opens in new tab).

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