Lego Star Wars is topping Steam charts and still climbing

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is enjoying a record-breaking launch on Steam, with its peak player count already having smashed that of every other game in TT Games’ Lego series.

As spotted by industry analyst Benji-Sales (thanks, Eurogamer (opens in new tab)) on Twitter, Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga (opens in new tab) hit 82,512 players on Steam (opens in new tab) yesterday, setting the current record for the Lego series. Compare that to the next biggest launch in the series – Marvel Super Heroes at 5,890 (opens in new tab) – and you can see just how popular The Skywalker Saga is in comparison. Even relative to the Star Wars series on Steam, Lego Star Wars comes out on top, beating Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (opens in new tab), Star Wars: The Old Republic (opens in new tab), and Star Wars: Squadrons (opens in new tab) by tens of thousands of players.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has CRUSHED the all-time concurrent players record for the Lego franchise on SteamLEGO Top 5 All-Time Players Peak• Skywalker Saga – 62,667• Marvel Super Heroes- 5,953• The Hobbit – 5,550• Ninjago – 5,434• Lord of the Rings – 5,045 5, 2022

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Of course, that’s not even near the orbit of Steam’s biggest successes (opens in new tab) overall. Elden Ring’s Steam record for peak player count is just under a million, while PUBG currently holds the crown with an incredible peak of 3.2 million.

There was plenty of pre-release hype for Lego Star Wars, and it seems like the wait’s been worth it. Our near-perfect review heaps praise on the visuals, particularly on PS5, as well as the split-screen co-op gameplay, and the comprehensive adaptation of the Star Wars saga.

“You might clench your teeth at the thought that all this effort and authenticity went into a LEGO game and not a serious ‘game of the film’ offering, but the sheer ambition of the project and how that potential has been realized so convincingly is a beautiful thing,” reads a bit from our review. “It’s funny, playable, technically stupendous, massive and immensely authentic, it’s just a shame it feels so shallow and childish at times.”

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