All of the Spider-Man Remastered suits and how to get them

There are many Spider-Man Remastered suits on PS5 to unlock and fill your wardrobe with, a trend that has been continued with the Spider-Man Miles Morales suits in the follow up. As you progress through the story you’ll access a whole host of outfits to dress Peter in, from his original homemade uniform to ridiculously high-tech offerings, along with a few surprise additions! However, these suits are far more than just cosmetics, as they’re also equipped with special powers you can trigger by pressing L3 and R3 together. Alternate between different Spider-Man PS5 suits to match their powers to your playstyle in various situation and you’ll become a crime-fighting force to be reckoned with.

But looking good doesn’t necessarily come easy. To unlock and equip the various Spider-Man suits, you’ll need to collect enough resource tokens by completing tasks around the map. There are six types of resources to pilfer: backpack, research, landmark, crime, challenge, and base. On top of that, most suits will require story milestone completion or hitting a level cap if you want to unlock them. For a full rundown of everything you need to know, here’s how to get every single one of the Spider-Man suits along with the power they come with. 

Warning: at the end of this article there are MAJOR spoilers about the end of Spider-Man. You have been warned. 

Advanced suit

Unlocks at: Completion of mission Something Old, Something New

Requires: 1 x backpack, 2 x crime tokens

Power: Battle Focus – Lets you rapidly generate focus to either heal or take out enemies instantly with finishing moves. 

Comes from: This suit is completely new and was designed especially for the PS4 game! 

Classic suit (damaged) 

Unlocks at: Completion of mission Something Old, Something New

Requires: None (you get it automatically)

Power: None

Comes from: Come on, you know as well as us that this outfit is as classic as it gets for ol’ Spidey.

Classic suit (repaired) 

Unlocks at: Completion of mission Something Old, Something New

Requires: 2 x backpack, 2 x crime tokens

Power: Web Blossom – Lets you jump up in the air and web everything in sight, making it great for crowd control. 

Comes from: Just like above, this suit is what springs to mind when you think of Spider-Man.

Noir suit 

Unlocks at: Completion of mission Something Old, Something New

Requires: 2 x backpack, 1 x base tokens

Power: Sound of Silence – Enemies don’t call for backup once they’re alerted. 

Comes from: This suit comes from Spider-Man Noir, an alternate timeline of Peter Parker’s Great Depression adventures set in 1933 as part of the Marvel Noir universe. 

Scarlet spider

Unlocks at: Completion of mission Something Old, Something New

Requires: 3 x crime, 2 x landmark tokens

Power: Holo Decoy – Spawns multiple decoys that stun attacking enemies. 

Comes from: Ben Reilly, Peter Parker’s clone, was the first character to wear this outfit and becomes the Scarlet Spider when he tries to kill Carnage. He’s even fought Venom as the Scarlet Spider, pretty much making him a hero in his own right. 

Spider armor Mk II suit 

Unlocks at: Level 5

Requires: 1 x landmark, 2 x research tokens

Power: Bullet Proof – Makes you temporarily bullet proof, even to snipers. Very handy for when you’re overwhelmed by ranged foes. 

Comes from: This suit was crafted by Peter when he lost his Spider-sense, hence why it’s bulletproof as he wasn’t able to dodge incoming bullets without his sixth sense. 

Secret War suit

Unlocks at: Level 7

Requires: 2 x backpack, 1 x base, 2 x research tokens

Power: Arms Race – Lets out a blast that stuns enemies and disables weapons – again, exceedingly useful when you find yourself overwhelmed. Not in life, just…in the game. 

Comes from: Interestingly, the first mention of the Secret War suit is during the Secret Wars storyline, where Spider-Man is given a suit made of an alien symbiote that ends up infecting Eddie Brock and becoming Venom. The suit then becomes called the Symbiotic suit, although the in-game suit doesn’t have any Venom-y powers. 

Stark suit

Unlocks at: Level 10

Requires: 1 x base, 3 x crime, 1 x research tokens

Power: Spider Bro power – Deploys the spider drone from the movie which helps you out in combat by zapping enemies with electricity. 

Comes from: This one is from Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming, where Tom Holland’s Peter Parker gets given the suit by none other than Tony Stark. The spider drone features in the second half of Homecoming too. 

Negative suit 

Unlocks at: Level 11

Requires: 1 x base, 2 x landmark, 1 x research tokens

Power: Negative shockwave – Unleashes a wave of negative energy to damage nearby enemies. 

Comes from: In the comics this suit appears when Spider-Man voyages to the Negative Zone, a parallel universe. Unsurprisingly it also crops up when Spider-Man is affected by the powers of Martin Li, aka Mr Negative. 

Electrically Insulated suit 

Unlocks at: Level 13

Requires: 1 x base, 1 x research, 3 x crime tokens

Power: Electric Punch – Surprise surprise, it lets you punch enemies with electrically-charged fists. 

Comes from: When Spider-Man fought Electro in Amazing Spider-Man #425 and had to protect himself from electricity. The design is pretty faithful, right down to the red padding.


Unlocks at: Level 16

Requires: 2 x backpack, 3 x crime, 2 x landmark tokens

Power: Rock Out – Makes Spider-Man whip out an electric guitar and stun enemies with soundwaves. Rad. 

Comes from: Spider-Punk is otherwise known as Hobart Brown, a working-class hero who fought President Norman “Ozzy” Osborn in the comics and beat him over the head with his guitar. 

Wrestler suit

Unlocks at: Level 19

Requires: 2 x backpack, 2 x base, 2 x research

Power: King of the Ring – Lets you web throw enemies without having to web them up first. 

Comes from: The fight Spider-Man had with “Crusher” Hogan in the comics but, more recently, the battle between Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and Randy Savage’s Bonesaw. The costume isn’t an exact replica to either fight, but it comes close. 

Fear Itself suit

Unlocks at: Level 21

Requires: 2 x base, 6 x challenge, 3 x research tokens

Power: Quad Damage – Lets you temporarily deal massive damage to nearby enemies. 

Comes from: The Serpent’s War storyline, when the Dwarves of Nidavellir and Tony Stark teamed up to build Peter the suit and help various superheroes defeat a villain named The Serpent. It was made using Uru, the same metal that Thor’s hammer Mjolnir is made out of. 

Stealth (“Big Time”) suit 

Unlocks at: Level 23

Requires: 2 x base, 4 x challenge, 3 x landmark tokens

Power: Blur Projector – Creates a bubble that completely conceals you from enemies’ vision as long as you stay inside it. 

Comes from: Peter created this suit in the Big Time storyline to protect him from the Hobgoblin’s sonic attacks and turn himself invisible. 

Spider Armor MK III suit 

Unlocks at: Level 27

Requires: 2 x base, 4 x crime tokens

Power: Titanium Alloy Plates – Reflects all bullets back at enemies (except sniper rounds).

Comes from: When Spider-Man needed a suit that he could use to defeat all members of the Sinister Six in Amazing Spider-Man #682. In the comics it can fly, is electricity-proof, is strong enough withstand the Rhino’s attacks, and prevents Spider-Man from being affected by Mysterio’s illusions. 

Spider-Man 2099 Black suit 

Unlocks at: Level 29

Requires: 2 x base, 2 x crime, 4 x research

Power: Low Gravity – Lets you decrease gravity while in the air, especially useful for yanking enemies into the air for endless aerial attacks as long as it’s active. Paired with the perk that lets you deal more damage while airborne if you really want to hurt your foes.

Comes from: The Earth-928 universe when it’s worn by Miguel O’Hara, an engineer. After splicing his DNA with spider genetic material, he develops talons, fangs, and super-senses, and becomes (literally this time) Spider-Man. 

Iron Spider suit 

Unlocks at: Level 31

Requires: 3 x base, 3 x challenge, 4 x crime tokens

Power: Iron Arms – Four iron spider legs will spring from your back and help you out in battle, even knocking back enemies with melee weapons without needing to break their block. 

Comes from: The events of Civil War (originally a comic storyline before the movies), when it’s created for Peter by Tony Stark. However, in the comics the suit has three arms and is red and gold, and in the movie the suit has four, meaning the suit you get in-game looks like it’s mostly inspired by the movie. 

Velocity suit 

Unlocks at: Level 33

Requires: 2 x backpack, 2 x landmark, 4 x challenge tokens

Power: Blitz – Lets you sprint at incredible speeds and run into enemies, sending them flying with all your momentum. 

Comes from: Specially-designed for Spider-Man on the PS4 by Marvel artist Adi Granov, this suit is all-new and all-awesome. 

Spider Armor MK IV suit

Unlocks at: Level 35

Requires: 4 x base, 4 x challenge, 3 x landmark tokens

Power: Defence Shield – Deploys energy shields that absorb all damage, great for when you’re in the thick of battle.

Comes from: The fourth upgrade of his armour, this is one of Spider-Man’s most technologically-impressive suits mainly because it’s made of liquid metal. In the comics it’s so advanced that it can even obey Spider-Man’s thoughts. 

Spirit Spider

Unlocks at: Level 37

Requires: 6 x base, 6 x challenge, 6 x crime tokens

Power: Spirit fire – Summons waves of blue flame that set enemies on fire. Plus it looks awesome. 

Comes from: This, despite the name change, appears to be Ghost Spider, an alternate universe Peter Parker who tried stealing the powers of other dimensions’ Spider-Mans. He was eventually killed, spent some time in hell and then was brought back as Ghost Spider by Dr Strange. 

Spider-Man 2099 White suit 

Unlocks at: Level 39

Requires: 4 x base, 4 x challenge, 4 x crime tokens

Power: Concussion Strike – Sends enemies flying with every hit. 

Comes from: The storyline when Miguel O’Hara, wearer of the Spider-Man 2099 Black suit, became a part of Parker Industries. Peter made this new suit for him. 

Vintage Comic Book suit

Unlocks at: Level 41

Requires: 4 x backpack, 4 x challenge, 4 x crime tokens

Power: Quips – Spider-Man blurts out funny remarks when he’s fighting bad guys. 

Comes from: The comics, of course! Specifically it nods back to the first of the Amazing Spider-Man comics and the classic Steve Ditko designed costume.

Last Stand suit

Unlocks at: Level 45

Requires: 20 x crime (yes, really) tokens

Power: Unrelenting Fury – Enemies can’t block your attacks even if they have shields. 

Comes from: Earth-312500, where in the comics we see what Peter Parker could be like in the future. This version of him is an anti-hero after he became a killer by destroying Doctor Octopus and Kraven the Hunter. 


Unlocks at: 100% the entire game

Requires: None

Power: Equaliser – Everyone goes down in one hit…including you. Well, you’re in your underpants, what did you expect?!

Comes from: A brief scene in the game where you see Peter Parker in his undergarments, complete with Spidey-themed pants. 

Homemade suit

Unlocks at: Finish the first backpack mission

Requires: Find every single backpack in the city

Power: None

Comes from: The movie Spider-Man: Homecoming and the prequel comic, where we see what Tom Holland’s Peter Parker wore before Tony Stark gave him the Stark suit. 

Dark suit

Unlocks at: Finish all the Black Cat Stakeouts

Requires: Find all the Black Cat Stakeouts

Power: None

Comes from: Black Cat, who designs and gives it to Peter Parker in the game. Aww.  

ESU suit

Unlocks at: Level 50

Requires: Find all 50 Spider-Man PS4 secret photos

Power: None

Comes from: Empire State University is the college Peter Parker attended, so he’s just showing his academic pride. Fun fact: Dr Doom, Emma Frost, and a pre-Venom Eddie Brock also attended ESU. 

This next one is a MASSIVE endgame spoiler, so don’t scroll below the Spidey picture if you want it to remain unspoiled…


Anti-Ock suit 

Unlocks at: Last mission, Pax in Bello

Requires: None

Power: Resupply – Continuously refills the current equipped gadget’s shots and looks really frickin’ cool. 

Comes from: This seems partly inspired by the yellow and black colours of the suit Otto Octavius wore as the Superior Octopus, but otherwise the design is all-new. 

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