Marvels Avengers is coming to Xbox Game Pass this week

Marvel’s Avengers is coming to Xbox Game Pass on Thursday, September 30. 

The game will be available for the console, PC, and cloud versions of Microsoft’s subscription service, as Crystal Dynamics community coordinator Hunter Wolfe explained in an Xbox blog post (opens in new tab). It will include “the full game and all our post-launch heroes and missions,” not just the base content. Naturally, the four-player online Avengers Initiative will be available to Xbox Game Pass players as well.

This all-access pass also extends to the newly released War for Wakanda DLC which introduced Black Panther as a playable hero. As we said in our Marvel’s Avengers: War for Wakanda preview, the Black Panther’s dedicated DLC has been a step in the right direction for the hero RPG and proven that Crystal Dynamics still has some fight in it despite the many snags the game has hit. 

There is a small, spider-shaped asterisk worth highlighting here: when Spider-Man comes to Marvel’s Avengers – later this year, if things go according to plan – he’ll be a PlayStation exclusive. The web-slinging hero has not been announced for other platforms as of yet. And for an even smaller asterisk, note that the Endgame Edition cosmetics aren’t included either. 

The Xbox Game Pass version of Marvel’s Avengers will launch on the heels of the game’s one-year anniversary, but you’ve still got time to benefit from a 4x XP boost event running from September 30 through October 4. This ought to help Xbox Game Pass newcomers get their favorite heroes leveled quickly so they can start gearing them up in the end-game. 

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