Mass Effect Legendary Edition Game Pass release date set for this week

Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Outer Wilds are part of a new batch of titles headed to PC and Xbox Game Pass this week.

Joining the Game Pass platform on cloud, PC, and console today are three popular indie titles; Gorogoa, Olija, and The Pedestrian; but the real heavy hitters are going live a couple of days from now on Thursday, January 6. Mass Effect Legendary Edition bundles together the single-player campaign and over 40 DLCs from the much-loved Mass Effect trilogy, and all three games have been remastered in 4K. GamesRadar’s 4.5/5-star review heaped praise on the value-packed collection’s ability to update the games for modern audiences without losing their charm.

“Mass Effect Legendary Edition strikes the difficult balance of appealing to both long-time lovers of the series and people who have never played a minute of it,” wrote Alyssa Mercante. “The changes to Mass Effect 1 make it playable in a modern game world, while visual upgrades massage the eyes and lightning-fast load screens ease the wait throughout all three titles.”

Outer Wilds, launched in 2019 to near-universal acclaim, is also hitting PC and Xbox Game Pass on Thursday. Mobius Digital and Annapurna Interactive’s action-adventure title throws players into the space shoes of an unnamed astronaut trapped in a 22-minute time loop, which resets every time the solar system’s mother star ends in a supernova explosion. We were surprised, and entirely delighted, by last year’s Echoes of the Eye expansion, which is a decidedly more tense and stressful experience than the base game.

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