Metroid Dread bug which can stop you from finishing the game will be fixed this month

A Metroid Dread bug that can stop players from finishing the game under specific conditions will be fixed in an update coming this month.

Nintendo addressed the bug in a new support post (opens in new tab). While not technically game-breaking, this bug can definitely be game-braking, forcibly closing the game and blocking players from progressing if they don’t know how to avoid it. Fortunately, it will be patched “by the end of October,” Nintendo says.

Apparently, this bug happens “near the end of the game” if you destroy a door while door map markers are placed. Nintendo didn’t exactly define what it means by “near the end of the game”, nor did it confirm if this bug applies to all doors, so just be careful with your map.

Metroid games are no stranger to door-related bugs and compared to an infamous Metroid Prime 2 bug, this one’s downright tame. Back in the days of the GameCube when you couldn’t rely on patches to fix issues like this, Metroid Prime 2 players ran the risk of totally bricking their save file if they partially destroyed some locks after obtaining the Echo Visor. If you left the room and saved before destroying all the locks, you’d be unable to open the locked door. As a result, you’d be permanently stuck, even if you spent hours desperately attempting a morph ball glitch that can reportedly get you back on track via sequence breaking. Not that we would know and are still bitter or anything. 

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