Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is breaking save files on PC

It looks like Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is breaking save files for players on PC.

Following last week’s launch, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s overall user reviews are currently sat at “Mixed” on Steam (opens in new tab). The vast majority of negative user reviews surrounding the new expansion claim it’s broken their save files on PC, rendering them unable to play the game at all.

“My save file was apparently broken with the release of Sunbreak,” wrote one Steam user, while another user simply put “coin flip on whether or not it breaks your game.” However, it appears there’s actually a workaround for the error where Sunbreak renders Monster Hunter Rise save files unplayable.

Over on the Steam Guides (opens in new tab) section for Monster Hunter Rise, user Anjeru has put together a short guide on how to recover your save file if it’s broken. “At the moment it is suspected that some part of the game’s anti-tampering software, as known as Denuvo, might lead to an corruption of the save games, disallowing players to continue,” the guide starts out.

The user then refers to the YouTube guide seen just below, revealing that the same guide still works with Sunbreak to recover lost save data. There are eight steps to recover your lost save data on PC, which involve redownloading your save data from the cloud, running the game as an administrator, and creating a brand new save game file.

So, while Sunbreak undoubtedly is breaking Monster Hunter Rise save files for many out there on PC, the community has thankfully found a workaround. Capcom is yet to officially comment on the issue, and the community guide makes it clear that they’re desperately hoping for an official fix in a patch for the expansion in the near future.

Check out our guide to all the new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak for a list of all the big bads you’re going to be going up against. 

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