Moon Knight end credits are subtly changing with every episode

We’re well versed in keeping our eyes peeled while watching anything the Marvel Studios puts out these days, whether to find clues about what’s to come or simply to discover an amusing Easter Egg. Across the first three episodes of Moon Knight, the series has featured functioning QR codes that lead users to free comic books – and now eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that the end credits are subtly changing as the series continues.

After the latest installment landed on Disney Plus, several people, including The Cosmic Circus’ @vinwriteswords (opens in new tab), took to Twitter to point out the differences. The most notable one is how the moon, which is seen alongside the “written by” credit, is at a different phase each episode.

Moon Knight credits 1-3 13, 2022

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The first offered up a shot of a thin crescent moon, while the third featured a quarter moon. With three more episodes to go, it’ll likely be shown as a full moon in the finale. Then, in the wider “directed by” cards, each episode’s location is highlighted; London in the first, Egyptian pyramids in the second, and a vast sandy desert in the third. There’s no huge revelation, but it’s a nice touch as the series continues.

There have, however, been clues as to where the series is heading: in episode 3, we may have even got a glimpse of a third personality hiding within Marc’s body.

Created by The Umbrella Academy‘s Jeremy Slater, the show follows Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac), a former marine who turns to vigilantism after becoming the human vessel for an Egyptian moon god, and gaining extraordinary powers. Before long, though, Spector finds himself drawn into a deadly mystery – all the while struggling to keep a lid on his dissociative identity disorder.

If you’re loving Moon Knight, and are keen to see what else Disney Plus has in the works, then check out our roundup of all the new Marvel TV shows in development. If you’re not already, then subscribe to Disney Plus here (opens in new tab).

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