How many Moon Knight episodes are there? And when is the episode 6 release date?

Moon Knight episode 6 has been and gone, bringing Marc Spector’s journey to an end. That’s right – there are only six Moon Knight episodes in total, and the question of a second season remains up in the air.

Below, we’ve got all the information you need to on Moon Knight’s first season run, including when the Moon Knight episodes were released and when to potentially expect more. Scroll on for more.

How many Moon Knight episodes are there?

Moon Knight is six episodes long. Like the other Disney Plus series, each episode was released on a Wednesday. There was no disruption by the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which hit cinemas the day after the Moon Knight finale in the UK, and a day after that in the US.

  • Moon Knight episode 1 – March 30 (47 minutes) – available now!
  • Moon Knight episode 2  – April 6 (50 minutes) – available now!
  • Moon Knight episode 3 – April 13 (50 minutes) – available now!
  • Moon Knight episode 4 – April 20 (51 minutes) – available now! 
  • Moon Knight episode 5 – April 27 (49 minutes) – available now!
  • Moon Knight episode 6 [finale] – May 4 (44 minutes)– available now!

Will there be a Moon Knight season 2?

Moon Knight episode 4

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There are currently no official plans for a Moon Knight season 2, with Oscar Isaac previously saying that they approached the first season as its own story.

“I think we approached it as ‘this is the story’, and let’s just put everything out on the table on this story,” he told Radio Times (opens in new tab). “There’s definitely no official plans to continue it. I think it would depend on what the story is.”

“That being said, I love being Steven,” he added. “I just love it. It’s just like, physically, it’s so much fun to be him. So, you know, if there was a story that really made sense, I’d be happy to be part of it.”

Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab was more optimistic about the future of Moon Knight, though potentially not on the small screen.

“It’s a crazy world. Even with the successful shows, like WandaVision, they’re not doing season two. She jumped into a film, maybe she’s going to come back or not. I don’t know. That’s exciting,” he explained to SFX magazine.

“I can tell you for a fact, I can see him in the next 10 years, not just the next film. He’s a very interesting character. He’s probably the most interesting character for any actor to play. Oscar is doing a great job. People already like him even from the trailer. I think the show’s going to resonate with people, so I see him staying for a long time.”

When Total Film put Diab’s sentiment to Isaac, he responded: “For me, it’s such a point of view character that seeing him in something that was a bigger point of view, I don’t know how that character operates in that world.”

It very much seems like the future of Moon Knight is up in the air. For the minute, though, we have six exquisite episodes to enjoy. For more from the MCU, check out our guide to Marvel Phase 4.

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