Murderville: Netflixs new twist on the murder mystery genre has everyone in hysterics

Murderville, the murder mystery show with a strange twist, is already proving popular with Netflix viewers. Each episode of the series features a different guest star alongside Will Arnett, who plays homicide detective Terry Seattle. The catch is, the guest actors don’t have a script, and must improvise all their lines.

As you might expect, that makes for an interesting viewing experience – and people can’t get enough.

“I’m begging y’all to watch Murderville watching Will Arnett trying not to laugh while pouring alarming amounts of hot sauce to Conan O’Brien’s sloppy joe and him eating it and suffering while trying to solve a murder is life-changing,” said one viewer (opens in new tab), while another (opens in new tab) found a different guest star laugh out loud funny: “The episode of #Murderville with [Kumail Nanjiani] has me crying laughing. This has to be the best episode so far!” 

“Kumail Nanjiani’s Murderville episode is the most hilarious one so far,” another viewer (opens in new tab) agreed, and the sentiment is shared (opens in new tab): “Loving Murderville. The Kumail Nanjiani episode was hilarious. Will Arnett is a genius” 

Another viewer (opens in new tab) had high praise for Sharon Stone: “[Sharon Stone] is f—ing amazing in #Murderville on @netflix. If someone doesn’t make a prestige psychological thriller/cop drama series for her now, and I mean NOW, it’ll be a damn crime.” 

Conan O’Brien’s episode is also attracting more praise (opens in new tab): “This show is great and so funny!!!! I adore this silly type of comedy. I was actually laughing…HARD! Loved Conan’s episode! Comedy gold.”

Another highlight (opens in new tab) is Marshawn Lynch: “I think the Marshawn Lynch episode of #Murderville is easily in my top 3 favorite episodes of TV ever.” 

Someone else was tickled by Annie Murphy struggling to contain her laughter: “no thoughts just Annie Murphy breaking character in her episode of #Murderville” 

no thoughts just annie murphy breaking character in her episode of #Murderville 😭 3, 2022

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Actors breaking their composure is looking like a favorite for others (opens in new tab), too: “My personal favorite guest stars in #Murderville: – Ken Jeong – Kumail Nanjiani – Sharon Stone The more they break the scenes, the funnier it is” 

Murderville is streaming on Netflix now. If you’re all caught up, check out our guide to the best Netflix shows to fill out your watchlist.

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