My Time at Sandrock hits Early Access

My Time at Sandrock, the sequel to the farming, crafting, and community building game My Time at Portia, is available today in Early Access on PC.

Sandrock trades the post-apocalyptic meadows of Portia for a post-apocalyptic desert, but you’ll find the basics remain pretty familiar. You take control of a stretch of land, plant some crops, and take orders from the locals at Sandrock to build up the village’s tech capacity and stave off economic ruin. I promise, it’s more chill than that makes it sound.

You can grab My Time in Sandrock in Early Access via Steam or the Epic Games Store for $24.99. The devs expect Early Access to last around a year, and during that time they plan to add more to the world, expand the story, and build the multiplayer mode. For now, Early Access includes the first act of the main story and solo play.

Besides the desert setting, the biggest change in Sandrock over Portia is the revamped combat system, which allows you to quickly swap back and forth between melee weapons and third-person shooting as you delve into old mines and ruins filled with enemies determined to keep you from harvesting their secrets.

An array of new minigames are here, too, including what appear to be kart racing and rhythm game segments.

If you want to know more before diving in, we got some hands-on time at Sandrock earlier this month.

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