New Hogwarts Legacy trailer may be coming soon, according to a leaker

A new Hogwarts Legacy trailer is set to arrive soon after a quiet year for the project, according to a recent rumor.

The same tipster who spotted a number of details for Star Wars Eclipse before it was officially announced at The Game Awards last week, including some of its art (opens in new tab), has indicated that Warner Bros. Games is soon to break its silence on the long-awaited Hogwarts Legacy. AccNGT previously said the new trailer was being held up in a corporate approval process but followed up this morning to say that “things got moving” and the new trailer should be on its way “very soon.”

Anyway, things got moving for #HogwartsLegacy today, I’m expecting the trailer very soon.December 14, 2021

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AccNGT’s previous leaks on Hogwarts Legacy have included indications that the game is planned to launch either in summer or holiday 2022, with plans for post-launch content, and – most notably – that it will feature some kind of multiplayer component. WB Games’ previous announcements framed Hogwarts Legacy as a story-driven, open-world action game with no mention of plans for multiplayer, so that would be a big new development.

If the leaker’s sources are correct, we likely won’t have to wait much longer to find out more info about Hogwarts Legacy. The last update from the game’s official Twitter account was the delay news from January, which revealed Hogwarts Legacy is now set to be released in 2022. An offhand comment from WB’s consumer products general manager indicated Hogwarts Legacy would arrive after Fantastic Beasts 3, which is due to debut on April 15, 2022.

Avalanche Software, best known as the main studio behind the Disney Infinity series of toys-to-life games, is leading work on the project. According to AccNGT, the studio also has some other irons in the fire.

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