New Nightingale trailer shows a land out to kill you

Nightingale just debuted a brand new trailer earlier today at the Summer Game Fest showcase.

The full trailer, which you can see just below for Nightingale, takes us deep into the world of the new game from former BioWare boss Aaryn Flynn. It’s a new first-person action game, taking place across a mystical fantasy world, which is actually segmented by portals, which you’ll use to travel between different regions.

As such, this trailer was filled with the sorts of things we can expect to fight in Nightingale. There’s the likes of lumbering trolls, weird goblins, and other magical creatures which you’ll have to defeat all while exploring the surrounding lands in the hopes of scavenging enough goods to survive off of.

That’s because Nightingale is also partly a survival game. Not content with just throwing a fantasy world together with weird and wonderful monsters and magic, developer Inflexion Games has also implemented a full survival system, complete with food, water, other resources, and a weather system which can completely upend the game.

You actually won’t play Nightingale along when it eventually launches. It’s designed to be played with friends across an entire shared open world, so you can all struggle together to overcome towering foes and prosper off the land surrounding you. Right now, Nightingale is planned to launch later this year in 2022, and you can head over to our complete Nightingale preview with developer interviews for a breakdown of what to expect.

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