New World Wheel of Time crossover event begins this month

Update: This article originally referred to the Shadowspawn as a two-handed weapon. This was incorrect and we regret the error. 

New World is putting on a crossover event with Amazon’s Wheel of Time adaptation.

Just announced earlier today, the Wheel of Time crossover event will be officially going live in New World later this month on December 24. The event won’t be sticking around in Aeternum forever though, because it’ll be wrapping up in just over two weeks from then on January 11, 2022.

In fact, the day that the new crossover event kicks off coincides with the season finale of The Wheel of Time. To celebrate the climactic episode, anyone who watches New World streams via Twitch will be in for some exclusive in-game rewards, which you can check out over on the official New World website (opens in new tab).

As for the crossover event itself though, there’ll be six new items to earn in New World come Christmas Eve. You an check out all the crossover items just below, which include the Tam’s Blade, the Shadowspawn Blade, a Red Aja Cloak, a Children of the Light cloak, the signature Ouroboros Crest, Egwene’s Cloak, and finally Nynaeve’s Coat.

New World

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This actually isn’t the only limited-time event New World will be hosting over the Winter break. Yesterday on December 16, the Winter Convergence event debuted in Amazon’s MMO, and will be running until later next month on January 11, 2022, the exact same days that the Wheel of Time event wraps up on. There’s a tonne more to delve into in the Winter Convergence event though, including new quests, activities, cosmetic rewards, and much more.

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