New World of Warcraft expansion to be revealed next month

The next World of Warcraft expansion is on track to be revealed on April 19. 

According to Blizzard’s latest blog post (opens in new tab), fashioned as a “Save the Date” invitation, the developer is “excited” to reveal what it’s been working on and “where your adventures in Azeroth will go next” to World of Warcraft fans. 

There aren’t any details regarding what the new WoW expansion will entail, but there’s still plenty left for players to explore in the game’s current expansion, Shadowlands. The final remnants of the Sepulcher of the First Ones are set to unlock tomorrow, March 8, at which time players will get to dig into additional story details and final raid battles. Since it’ll likely be quite some time until the new WoW expansion is out in the wild, that’s good news for players eager to sink their teeth into something new. 

Following the latest WoW expansion’s debut, Blizzard is also set to reveal its World of Warcraft mobile game in May. We’ve heard extremely little about the upcoming World of Warcraft mobile title apart from its potential release date at the end of 2022. It’s likely Blizzard will share an updated release window during its full mobile game reveal. 

Blizzard would have typically revealed the latest expansion during its annual BlizzCon event in November. Though an event was held in 2021, this year’s BlizzCon didn’t go through due to a cancelation. The COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing Activision Blizzard lawsuits and investigations, and other troubles at the company took precedence. After canceling the planned BlizzCon online event, Blizzard said that it would be working to figure out where the event stands for the foreseeable future. 

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