Are the New World servers down?

Are the New World servers down? While some players are left pondering this question as they stare at error messages, others seem to be playing just fine.

The new MMORPG from Amazon Games just went live earlier today and almost instantly became the fifth most-played Steam game ever. It also meant players had to sit through some substantial New World queue times just to get online, but – at least at first – the experience seemed to be holding steady once you actually got in.

Now players across social media are reporting a potential new issue bringing New World servers down: while attempting to log in, they’re encountering a “Connection Failed” error which either spits up a cryptic message about @mm_loginservices or says they’ve made a “bad request to login services.”

While Amazon Games hasn’t made any specific announcements about the potential server outage, it did reveal that it will allow all players to relocate their characters to a new server for free (opens in new tab) for the next two weeks. If you can get online at all, that means you can start playing on whatever server is available at the time and then coordinate with your friends or community of choice to make sure you’re all playing in the same spot later.

We’re keeping an eye on reports of New World servers down and will update this story with any official word from Amazon.

It’s still early days, but we’ll have to wait and see if New World can earn a spot on our guide to the best MMO and MMORPG games.

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