Nightingale is the new game from former BioWare boss Aaryn Flynn

Former BioWare boss Aaryn Flynn revealed the first trailer for Nightingale at The Game Awards 2021, and it was not what we were expecting. 

Nightingale is set to be the debut release from Inflexion Games, the studio formed by Flynn after he left BioWare back in 2018. The teaser trailer – which was pre-alpha in-engine footage – gave us our first look at the lands of Faye, a luscious fantasy world that appears to be segmented by magic portals, populated by a variety of sharply-dressed heroes, and wrought with no end of twisted evil creatures.

While Flynn is best known for working on sprawling RPGs like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, Nightingale is going to be a bit of a change of pace. While the 2022 release will still contain RPG elements, it’s being positioned as a survival crafting game, cast across a shared-world. You’ll band together with friends, battle towering creatures in first-person with guns and magic, and work together with other ‘realm walkers’ to build, maintain, and protect small pockets of civilization.

It looks like an exciting and very thematic new take on survival games, and with the backing of tech company Improbable, it has a strong basis to start building on. Plus, we already can’t get enough of that Victorian fashion.

More information is expected to come in the weeks ahead, so head over to the official website to learn more about Nightingale and what Inflexion Games is working on.

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