Nintendo just bought a movie studio

Nintendo has acquired Tokyo-based Dynamo Pictures.

Earlier today on July 14, the company posted the notice just below via its corporate website, revealing it’d just acquired Dynamo Pictures. “Dynamo Pictures is a company that plans and produces visual content,” the corporate press release from Nintendo begins. 

We posted the News Release “Notification of the Acquisition of Dynamo Pictures, Inc.”. 14, 2022

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The acquisition has been approved by both parties, and is now expected to close later this year on October 3. When it does, barring any setbacks, Dynamo Pictures will actually be renamed to Nintendo Pictures, in a rebranding that leaves little room for imagination as to what the company will be doing after the acquisition.

In fact, the corporate press release from Nintendo even states that Nintendo Pictures will “focus on development of visual content utilizing Nintendo IP.” It’s pretty clear then that the newly-acquired studio based in Tokyo is going to be developing movies and TV shows based upon Nintendo’s franchises.

This looks to be Nintendo’s first expansion into the movies/TV business after the new Super Mario movie. Last year in May 2021, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa actually stated that the forthcoming Mario movie, which is being developed in collaboration with Illumination, wouldn’t be the company’s only foray into the animation business

This new acquisition of a movie development studio sure begins to put Nintendo’s plans in motion. We’ll have to wait and see later this year as to what Nintendo Pictures could be working on, but for now, we’ll be waiting for the new Super Mario movie, which was delayed to launch later next year in April 2023.

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