Horizon Forbidden West podcast Gaia Cast launches tomorrow

Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerilla games is launching a new podcast exploring the Horizon universe.

In a tweet earlier today, Guerrilla announced the ‘Gaia Cast’, “an upcoming podcast that dives deep into the Horizon universe.” The developer has outlined the topics its team will be discussing in the first season, which begins tomorrow, November 23. The first episode is titled ‘All About Aloy’, focusing on the series protagonist.

Introducing GAIA Cast! From the team at Guerrilla, GAIA Cast is an upcoming podcast that dives deep into the Horizon universe. Our first season, focused on Horizon Zero Dawn, debuts this Tuesday, 23 November, with our first episode: All About Aloy. #HorizonGAIACast pic.twitter.com/pA8z0TRcEGNovember 22, 2021

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After that, the following two episodes are titled ‘Events of the Twenty-First Century’ and ‘Project Zero Dawn’, offering a closer explanation at the events that shaped the game’s narrative. The podcast will explore the various tribes that Aloy meets on her journey, including the civil war that tore apart the Carja, as well as the machines that she has to fight against.

There are eight episodes in the first season, so assuming a weekly release schedule, that’ll take you most of the way to the Horizon Forbidden West release date in February. Hopefully, that means that there’ll be a second season of the Gaia Cast, exploring that game after its launch.

The podcast, named after the complex AI program at the heart of Project Zero Dawn, will be available via Guerilla’s YouTube channel, as well as via PlayStation Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Soundcloud. It’s not totally clear whether the show will lean more on the development or the narrative of the game’s world, but either way it’s likely to prove a must-listen for major fans ahead of the sequel.

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