One Elden Ring fan is playing as a Sekiro boss

One dedicated Elden Ring player is journeying through FromSoftware’s latest as Genichiro Ashina, antagonist of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

In a post on the Elden Ring subreddit, user D3stroy3r_Z, showed off their carefully-sculpted look. The post itself is a slideshow of eight images, showing off how one player has effectively recreated Sekiro villain Genichiro Ashina, down to his weapons and looks, in Elden Ring.

There’s dedication to the cause, and then there’s this. The player has actually got a look to match each of Genichiro’s changing phases throughout Sekiro: there’s the armored look that the villain bears near the beginning of FromSoftware’s 2019 action game, and then there’s the shirtless look the character sports after becoming imbued with the power of lightning itself. 

They’ve even acquired a big old bow for Genichiro’s comically oversized ranged weapon, although some users in the comments underneath recommend that they would seek out the Horn Bow to complete the look. In all though, it’s a brilliant feat, although we’d love to see what character stats they’re using for that massive katana and heavy duty armor.

Elden Ring might have been out for barely two weeks, but fans like this are already getting extremely creative. Just last week for example, one fan made a mod to pause the game, giving players one added feature that plenty have been clamouring for since launch.

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