One of Elden Rings most touching quests is now a lot easier to find

Elden Ring’s Boc the Seamster provides one of the game’s most poignant side-quests, and it’s now a lot easier to locate.

The Lands Between is a big place. So big, in fact, that even after spending hundreds of hours roaming this wonderous open world, there’s still a good chance you won’t have uncovered everything that it has to offer. Not only can you overlook important items on your travels, but you can also bypass NPCs, which can mean missing out on entire side-quests. 

As reported by Kotaku (opens in new tab), many Elden Ring players were seemingly unable to spot demi-human Boc the Seamster, which meant they also missed out on one of the game’s most memorable side-quests. Clearly, FromSoftware didn’t like this, as the developer has now made it a lot easier to locate Boc. 

This article contains spoilers for Boc the Seamster’s quest, so look away now if you’d rather find him for yourself. 

You first encounter Boc in Limgrave, where he’s disguised as a small tree. As shown in the video below, before patch 1.03 Boc wouldn’t start speaking until you were very close to his hiding place, but given that this was an unassuming patch of greenery, many didn’t venture far enough to be prompted to search for the NPC. Now you can hear him from much further away, making it more likely that you’ll encounter Boc.

But wait, there’s more! The distance from which his dialog triggers was massively expanded. Like it wasn’t just doubled or tripled, it reaches out MUCH further, allowing you to hear him from the road. 5, 2022

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In another tweet (opens in new tab), illusory wall points out that an Arteria Leaf, a shiny purple item, has also been added near Boc to further prompt you to explore his location. Even after the update, finding Boc still takes a bit of work as you’ll need to attack or roll into the tree to reveal the demi-human.

Completing Boc’s questline allows you to alter your equipment, which is only mildly useful as you can also do this at Sites of Grace with the right items and some runes. But it’s the touching story this quest provides that makes it worth doing as demi-human Boc tells of his struggles with his monkey-like appearance. There are different choices when it comes to Boc’s fate, but we’ll let you discover those for yourself.

You can now easily see what secrets lie behind Elden Ring’s illusionary surfaces as players have discovered an ingenious way to reveal hidden walls.

If you’re looking for some assistance in tackling FromSoftware’s latest challenge, check out our Elden Ring guide: beat bosses, master weapons and collect runes in the Lands Between.

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