Peaky Blinders creator wants Spider-Man actor Tom Holland to appear in movie spin-off

Peaky Blinders’ Steven Knight has invited Spider-Man star Tom Holland to appear in the gangster drama’s upcoming movie spin-off. 

Speaking from the premiere of the BBC drama’s sixth and final season, the series creator briefly addressed the Marvel actor’s past – and evidently, unsuccessful – audition for the show, admitting that he would happily “have him” show up in the big screen outing “if he wants to come back.”

While promoting his latest movie Uncharted, Holland revealed that he’d once tried out for a role in Peaky Blinders, which led fans to speculate over which character he had gone up for.

“It must have been quite a big role,” Knight teased from the red carpet event.

Some of the series’ existing actors have chimed in, too, with Harry Kirton (who portrays Finn Shelby) pointing out that the role Holland was up for would depend on how long ago he tried out. He added that if it had been recent, he may have been in the running to play a villainous character, possibly even Sam Claflin’s Sir Oswald Mosley.

Set in the early 1900s, Peaky Blinders centers on Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), the boss of a Birmingham-based gang that famously sewed razor blades into the peaks of their caps.

Knight has made no secret of his plans to end the show with a film since its first season aired way back in 2013, so there’s every possibility that he has already contemplated the idea of Holland – who has proven to be one of this year’s hottest commodity’s following the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home – being involved, and that he has a specific role for him in mind. That, or he could just be being polite.

As it stands, the big screen Peaky Blinders outing has no release date, and is not set to start filming until late 2022. So they’ve got time to figure it out if Holland, who has yet to respond to Knight’s invitation, is interested. While we wait, check out the best Netflix shows streaming right now.

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