PlayStation offering direct PS5 sales for Christmas

PlayStation is opening up a registration service for US players to buy the console for the Holiday season. 

If you have a US address and a PSN ID, you can head to the PlayStation registration site (opens in new tab) to chuck your name in the ring to be in with the chance to buy a PS5 for Christmas. 

PS5 stock has been extremely hard to come by globally since the console’s launch nearly a year ago, and this isn’t the first time Sony has offered players the chance to get their hands on a console directly from them, although registering with the manufacturer is no guarantee you’ll be able to buy one. 

However, the FAQ on this page does offer up a few caveats that should ensure that PS5 consoles sold are going to genuine players and not scalpers.

To begin with, Sony reveals that it’ll be choosing buyers based on their “previous interests and PlayStation activities”, while further on, it confirms that PS5 stock will be limited to one purchase per PSN ID. The store will be open from November 2021 and potential buyers will be sent an email if they’ve been selected to purchase a console. The site confirms if you don’t get an email, you haven’t been selected to buy a PS5 at this time, so here’s the obligatory “don’t forget to check your spam” message.

The hope is that this process means that PS players who haven’t been able to secure their console yet (and who reside in the US) have the opportunity to finally get their hands on the PS5. Supply has been considerably constricted due to the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage, so fingers crossed for anyone applying to finally get their PS5. We’re rooting for you!

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