Pokemon Go Groudon Raid counters and best movesets

These Pokemon Go Groudon raid counters will help you catch one of the most powerful and versatile Pokemon in all of Pokemon Go. Not only is its typing and movesets some of the most offensively superior in the game, but its usefulness in Raids against many of the Legendaries and Mega Pokemon that trainers will encounter make it a must-have.

Luckily, Groudon will return to Pokemon Go Raids starting Tuesday, June 7 at 10 a.m. local time until Thursday, June 16 at 10 a.m. local time.

With just a little over a week to catch as many Groudon as you can, we’ve come up with this guide to help all trainers get through this difficult Legendary Raid in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

Pokemon Go Groudon Raid Counters

Groudon is a pure Ground-type Pokemon making it weak to Water, Grass and Ice-type attacks. Veteran Pokemon Go players will know that there are a handful of Mega Pokemon with those typings that they can use to great effect. 

Trainers looking to exploit Groudon’s water weakness should consider bringing either Mega Blastoise or Mega Gyarados into battle. They both have access to the Fast Attack Water Gun, which fills up their special gauge rather quickly and Blastoise having Hydro Cannon can deal a lot of damage very quickly.

Kyogre, Swampert and other Water-type Pokemon will work well against Groudon paired with Mega Blastoise and Gyarados as the Megas will power up their Water-type moves.

If Grass types are your forte, Mega Abomsnow or Mega Venusaur will be your best bet. They have access to powerful Grass attacks and in the case of Venusaur, Frenzy Plant is a powerful and easily used Charged Attack that will hurt Groudon a lot.

Mega Abomasnow has the distinction of being an Ice-type as well and trainers will want to use one if they plan to bring a team of Ice types into battle. There are a lot of powerful, if not fragile, options from the Ice-type but Weavile and Mammoswine are great choices.

Here’s a list of Groudon counters in Pokemon Go that will help trainers take it down easily:

Pokemon Go Groudon Counters Pokemon Moveset Mega BlastoiseWater Gun and Hydro CannonMega AbomsnowRazor Leaf and Weather Ball (Ice)Mega GyaradosWaterfall and Hydro PumpMega VenusaurVine Whip and Frenzy PlantKyogreWaterfall and SurfSwampertWater Gun and Hydro CannonMammoswinePowder Snow and AvalancheWeavileIce Shard and AvalancheTapu BuluBullet Seed and Grass KnotFeraligatrWater Gun and Hydro Cannon

Pokemon Go Groudon Raid guide

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Pokemon Go Groudon Moveset

Being a pure Ground-type, trainers should expect some moves that are of the Ground variety as well.

Mud Shot is its main Fast Attack option, that Grass types will resist. Venusaur’s Poison typing does do it a disservice as it makes Ground moves neutral. Dragon Tail, a Dragon-type move, will hit just about any of the above counter options neutrally, except for Tapu Bulu who benefits from its Fairy typing.

As for Groudon’s Charged Attacks, Earthquake is its main Ground move and deals a lot of damage to anything that doesn’t resist it. 

Fire Blast and Solar Beam, a Fire and Grass-type attack, respectively, may give trainers bringing a team of Ice, Grass and Water types a problem. Fire Blast will deal super effective damage to Grass and Ice types and in the case of Abomasnow, it’ll be hit with four times damage.

Solar Beam will deal a ton of damage to Water types. So it’s a bit of a gamble going into battle with Groudon, but bringing enough friends will help you overcome any weaknesses from the Legendary’s attacks.

Here’s a list of moves that Groudon can use in Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go Groudon Moveset Fast Attack Charged Attack Mud ShotEarthquakeDragon TailFire BlastSolar Beam

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