Pokemon Go Heatran counters and Raid guide

This Pokemon Go Heatran counters and Raid guide will help with an interesting Legendary Pokemon. It’s often forgotten in the pantheon of Legendaries, but it has a unique typing and is powerful in its own right, especially in Pokemon Go.

This Fire and Steel-type returns to Pokemon Go Raids starting January 7 until January 15. In that week, trainers will be able to catch as many as they can. While it may not seem like much, Heatran’s power and typing can be very useful against some of the Pokemon Go Megas and other Legendaries that trainers may go up against in the future.

Trainers can also see increased Raids filled with Heatran on January 12 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time. Be sure to get out there and take on as many Raids as possible. To help with that, we’ve compiled this handy guide to help battle and takedown Heatran easily and effectively.

Heatran Counters

Pokemon Go Heatran counters and Raid guide

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Being a Fire and Steel-type, Heatran is weak to Water, Fighting and Ground-type attacks. Ground-type moves are four times effective against Heatran, so trainers will want to stack their teams with as many Ground types as possible.

However, while there is no Mega option – yet – there are some Water types that can be Mega Evolved and help trainers in battle. Mega Blastoise and Gyarados will be very effective against Heatran because it can deal super effective damage and resist many of the Legendary’s attacks. 

But trainers should really bring as many Pokemon with Ground-type moves as possible. Garchomp and Rhyperior are great non-Legendary options while Groudon and Landorus will bring Legendary power to go up against Heatran.

Here’s a list of Pokemon options that trainers should consider before going into battle against Heatran in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Heatran Counters Pokemon Moveset Mega BlastoiseWater Gun and Hydro CannonMega GyaradosWaterfall and Hydro PumpGarchompMud Shot and EarthquakeRhyperiorMud-Slap and EarthquakeLandorusMud Shot and EarthquakeGroudonMud Shot and EarthquakeKrookodileMud-Slap and EarthquakeExcadrillMud-Slap and Drill RunGolemMud-Slap and EarthquakeGolurkMud-Slap and Earth Power

Heatran Moveset

Heatran doesn’t have as many options for Fast Attacks as some other Legendaries. It has Fire Spin, which will be its most powerful move of this category. Bug Bite is its other option for a Fast Attack. This Bug-type move won’t be resisted by many of the last section’s options unless you decide to bring in Golurk or Excadrill. However, Excadrill will be weak to Heatran’s Fire attacks. Bug Bite also deals super effective damage to Mega Gyarados as well as Krookodile so choose wisely.

As for its Charged Attacks, Fire Blast and Flamethrower are its two Fire options and will be resisted by Water and Rock types. Iron Head will take care of any Rock types you bring into battle, but Water types will still resist it. 

Stone Edge is a wild card attack option for Heatran and will hit Water and Rock types neutrally. However, Ground types will resist the Rock-type attack Stone Edge so that’s another option to consider. 

As per usual, refer to the recommended list the game gives you to scout any move that it can use. If Water types are being recommended, it is likely Heatran will have a lot of Fire moves at its disposal. If Ground types are being recommended then it could mean Stone Edge is the Charged Attack option for Heatran in that battle.

Here’s a list of the Fast and Charged Attack options for Heatran in Pokemon Go.

Pokiemon Go Heatran Moveset Fast Attack Charged Attack Fire SpinFire BlastBug BiteIron HeadStone EdgeFlamethrower

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