Pokemon Go Mega Kangaskhan Raid counters and movesets

These Pokemon Go Mega Kangaskhan Raid counters will help you with the Pokemon Go Mega Evolutions update in Pokemon Go now live, that will change how trainers use the mechanic moving forward.

To celebrate the update, Niantic is having a special event to give trainers opportunities to earn some Pokemonm Go Mega Energy and even introduce a brand new Mega to the game. Mega Kangaskhan is one of the most powerful Mega Pokemon in the franchise and breathes some new life into the Gen 1 ‘mon.

So, how will the Normal-type stack up in Pokemon Go? It’s hard to say, but longtime trainers know that Kangaskhan is one of the hardest Pokemon to find/catch and its Mega form being available in Raids will make it that much easier.

To help trainers defeat and catch this rare Pokemon, we’ve come up with this guide in everything to expect when going into battle against Mega Kangaskhan and the best counters to take it down.

Pokemon Go Mega Kangaskhan Counters 

Pokemon Go Mega Kangaskhan Raid counters

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Being a Normal-type, Mega Kangaskhan is weak to just Fighting-type attacks. 

The Normal-type is an odd one, as it isn’t effective against any type and only resists Ghost moves, but Mega Kangaskhan could be a great addition to anyone’s team especially with the variety of moves it can learn — more on that later.

Since Mega Kangakshan is weak to only Fighting moves, trainers should bring in a full team of them. Luckily, there are plenty of options that trainers can use in this battle.

Mega Lopunny is the only Mega Fighting-type in the game, currently, and can deal a ton of damage as well as power up your Fighting types during battle. Trainers who have battled enough in Pokemon Go know the Fighting-type trio of Conkeldurr, Lucario and Breloom — who all use Counter as their main attack — are perfect for this battle.

Round out your team with other Fighting types like Hariyama, Gallade and the newly-released Bewear. Terrakion and Meloetta in its Pirouette form are Legendary options that can also benefit trainers in this battle.

Here are a list of options trainers can use to battle Mega Kangaskhan.

Mega Kangaskhan Counters Pokemon Moveset Mega LopunnyLow Kick and Focus BlastConkeldurrCounter and Dynamic PunchLucarioCounter and Aura SphereBreloomCounter and Dynamic PunchMachampCounter and Dynamic PunchTerrakionZen Headbutt and Sacred Sword/Close CombatHariyamaCounter and Dynamic PunchGalladeLow Kick and Close CombatMeloetta (Pirouette)Low Kick and Close CombatBewearLow Kick and Drain Punch/Superpower

Pokemon Go Mega Kangaskhan Moveset  

Like most Normal types, Mega Kangaskhan has access to a ton of different attack types and that remains the same in Pokemon Go.

For Fast Attacks, Mega Kangaskhan has access to Low Kick and Mud Slap, effective moves against Rock and Steel-type Pokemon. Terrakion and Lucario will have to worry about these moves. Bewear will also have to worry about Low Kick. 

Crunch (Dark), Earthquake (Ground), Outrage (Dragon), Power-Up Punch (Fighthing) are the options Mega Kangaskhan has for its Charged Attacks. Terrakion and Lucario, again, will have to worry about Earthquake and Power-Up Punch.

All the Fighting types in the above list resist Crunch, except for Gallade who will be hit with it neutrally. Lucario will resist Outrage from Mega Kangaskhan, while Breloom will resist Earthquake.

It’ll be difficult to predict which moves Mega Kangaskhan will use, so trainers should take advantage of the recommended list. If Lucario is in your recommended party, then Mega Kangaskhan will likely have Outrage or Crunch. 

Here are the different attacks Mega Kangaskhan can have in Pokemon Go.

Mega Kangaskhan Moveset Fast Attack Charged Attack Low KickCrunchMud SlapEarthquakeOutragePower-Up Punch

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