Pokemon Go Community Day Classic brings back Bulbasaur for January

Pokemon Go is hosting its first-ever Community Day Classic, featuring Bulbasaur, in January.

It’s worth noting that the normal Community Day, starring the adorable Spheal, is still happening on January 16 – this is an extra Community Day dedicated to one of the series’ legacy Pokemon. It’s unclear if this is the beginning of a new monthly event or just a one-off thing, but either way it’s a blessing to folks who missed the last Bulbasaur Community Day several years ago. The event takes place on Saturday, January 22 from 2pm to 5pm local time, giving you a very limited time window to get your hands on the Kanto region starter.

If you’re familiar with how Pokemon Go’s Community Days work, you probably already know the basics, as Bulbasaur’s Classic event follows a similar format. For the three hours the even runs, Bulbasaur will be appearing more often in the wild, and that includes the Shiny version. Meanwhile, if you manage to evolve Ivysaur (Bulbasaur’s evolved form) into a Venusaur, the Venusaur will know the Charged Attack Frenzy Plant.

Event exclusives include 3x catch XP, three-hour lure modules, three-hour incense, and a new snapshot prize. There’s also some event-exclusive Special Research you’ll be able to buy for $1 at some point. Finally, you’ll be able to buy a one-time Community Day box for 1,280 PokeCoins, which gets you 50 Ultra Balls, five Lucky Eggs, five Star Pieces, and an Elite Charged TM.

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