Pokemon Legends: Arceus flying Basculegion glitch is a speedrunners dream

A newly discovered Pokemon Legends: Arceus glitch sends Basculegion soaring through the skies.

In case you haven’t played Pokemon Legends: Arceus or just haven’t reached this point in the game yet, Basculegion is one of five different Pokemon you can ride around the map. Wyrdeer is a horse-like Pokemon that lets you gallop around land areas, Ursaluna is a bear-like creature you can use to dig out treasure from underground, and Basculegion is like a giant fish that takes you into rivers, lakes, and the ocean. And apparently, if the glitchy winds are you in your favor, the sky’s the literal limit when it comes to Basculegion’s capabilities.

tried_to_double_jump_on_basculegion_and_this from r/pokemon

As shared by sausageandtea on Reddit, the glitch appears to require you to be riding on the back of Basculegion, probably in a specific area of the game, and double-jumping out of the water. If everything lines up right, and provided Nintendo hasn’t patched out the glitch already, you theoretically should be able to fly around on a huge fish like you’ve always wanted. And if you’re into speedrunning, one can only imagine this particular glitch being an absolute boon for your efficiency. 

It’s worth noting that the GamesRadar team attempted to recreate the glitch ourselves and were unable to, but that could’ve been due to any number of factors. For one, our tester hadn’t yet acquired the Braviary Pokemon that lets you fly within the game’s normal rules, so that could be one reason we weren’t able to pull it off. Or, as mentioned already, it’s possible Nintendo already removed the glitch from the game. Give a wave to us over on Twitter (opens in new tab) if you’re reading this from the sky on top of Basculegion.

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