Pokemon Legends: Arceus seems to be playable, according to a surprising celebrity endorsement

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is apparently in a playable state according to the surprising source of singer Christina Aguilera. 

In a recent interview with Elle (opens in new tab) (via Nintendo Life (opens in new tab)), Aguilera discusses the recent Nintendo Switch advert (opens in new tab) she shot with her family, revealing that: “My daughter was able to fall in love with a new game. We had a brief moment to [try out] Pokemon Legends: Arceus.” The singer/songwriter then goes on to say how visually striking the game is adding: “It’s so gorgeous, the graphics and the setting that you get to explore in, so she was loving that so much, she wouldn’t give me a turn.” 

Although not exactly ready to ship – as Aguilera explains, Pokemon Legends: Arecus was just on the set of the Nintendo Switch advert and not actually given to her daughter to take home – it still gives the rest of us an idea as to how close the game is to being completely finished. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now a little over a month or so away from releasing on January 28, 2022. 

A few months ago, it was discovered that the previously marketed “open-world Pokemon game” wasn’t actually as open world as once thought. According to The Pokemon Company – which was forced to clarify this after one Pokemon fan discovered that the map for Legends: Arceus didn’t look as open as it should – Pokemon Legends: Arecus will have “various open-world areas” as opposed to the previously expected completely open-world map. 

In other Pokemon-related news, it appears Pokemon Legends: Arceus may be making its way into Pokemon Go soon. 

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